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Staff Application

Make sure you go through all the Guidelines before submitting your Staff Application for LiveMUN. You will find the form below the Guidelines.

Guidelines for Applying

The Secretariat of LiveMUN has decided to expand the team and thus is looking for potential members who are willing to help the secretariat. For the past two months, the secretariat, a team of six, has persistently worked to turn 10 controversial ideas to successful conferences.

LiveMUN has the potential to grow, and this is why we have recruited five dedicated staff members to help our family grow, and indeed they have provided growth in our community.

In light of the numerous coming conferences, and our willingness to keep thriving, we are opening an application that will allow YOU to potentially become part of the LiveMUN team.

We are constantly looking for new individuals ready to help our organization grow, flourish, and prosper. And with the help of all of your applicants, we are sure such a thing is not far from reach.

All in all, we are looking for somebody dedicated, experienced, and practical under pressure, who is ready and willing to expand our operations to all the World’s Continent. With that being said, best of luck to your applicant, we hope to see you joining our community!

Sincerely yours,
The LiveMUN Team

This application will be constantly open, as we deem it necessary to always provide an opportunity to include more members and expand our team to reach new heights.

We will be constantly evaluating the new applications to ensure no applicant is left out. Once an individual catches the eye of the secretariat and after discussions between all 6 members of the team, we shall deem the person fit, or not, as a potential staff member and proceed forward.

Once we approve your application, we will be sending you an email of acceptance which will contain the next instructions to follow. The email shall contain the by-laws of LiveMUN, by which you will have to adhere to all along your volunteer work in the organization.

The application process may potentially, but is not limited to, have an interview phase with the applicant in the presence of most if not all members of the team. 

The LiveMUN program, and its team, has been growing since day one. Starting with just three conferences having a maximum of 60 delegates, we have grown to the point where we have administered 350+ delegates from over 30 countries!

For our next projects, we will be needing an extra pair of hands in multiple sectors including Website maintenance and social media marketing, Conference chairing and dais members, Topic and background guide briefings, Communication with delegates, delegations, and collaborating associations, Valuable research and work for the benefit and development of LiveMUN.

We do understand that you have prior engagements and work; however, with such standing comes great responsibility, and we expect all applicants to be up for the challenge.

We expect all applicants to be committed to helping our cause, that is; providing an accessible, professional, and enjoyable Model United Nations to all delegates alike.

All applicants must be committed to being professional, and to provide a level of work that is competent and equivalent in quality to that of the secretariat and all other members of the team (such as staff, helpers, collaborators, etc).

LiveMUN is a completely free conference open to anyone from all over the world. By stating this, we strongly assert that we will not be paying any compensation to staff members.

We accept all and every people, nevertheless, we are still limited to adhere to the constitution, laws, and penal codes of our base country, the Lebanese Republic.

We provide an experience that does not only provide an important education process, but one that helps in the sustaining of one’s personal growth.

We are a strong community with full respect to all individuals, regardless of any factors such as race, religion, beliefs, or any other aspect.

These values are to be elaborated on and explained in the By-laws which you are to be presented with once your application has been approved.

LiveMUN Bylaws once sent, must be read, comprehended, and agreed upon fully. These are not debatable or negotiable.

All wishing to apply must read and take into consideration the following points:

1. Have read, understood, and accepted the LiveMUN Bylaws, which are to be sent if you have been accepted to the next stage.

2. Must adhere to professionalism and respect, in all aspects and to all LiveMUN related tasks and duties

3. Have participated in at least 1 Model UN conference

4. Have preferably participated in at least 1 LiveMUN conference

5. Have basic knowledge of the flow of debate of UN-USA, or be able to adapt to the UN-USA rules of procedure.

6. Have experience in leadership and diplomacy.

7. Be willing to work for at least 5 hours weekly.

8. Have the ability to respond to messages and emails sent by the secretariat or any other team member within 24 hours unless advised otherwise.

9. Be ready to fill any spots (mostly director) on the day of conferences in case of emergencies.

10. Prioritize LiveMUN over other Model UN conferences unless notification was given a week ahead

11. Be willing to help the LiveMUN team grow by giving constructive feedback when asked to and accepting it when it’s given to him/her/them.

12. Have good time-management skills, where you’ll need to multi-task several operations.

13. Be a good team-worker.

14. Adapt to the time difference.

15. Be familiar with the notions and seriousness of plagiarism and avoid such cybercrimes.

16. Have experience in debating.

17. Preferably, have written an MUN Background guide before, or at least co-operated in writing one. If not, having an insight into how Background guides are written.

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